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Taunton Mosque

The Taunton and Somerset Islamic Centre became established in 1993 when a growing Muslim community within the area increased demand for a Mosque. The Taunton and Somerset Islamic Centre in the last couple of years have purchased their own centre which they are in the process of developing and growing their services to offer to the community.

The Taunton and Somerset Islamic Centre offers Friday prayers for both men and women and also offers the opportunity for religious gatherings and the celebration of religious festivals. The Mosque can hold up to three hundred men and 50 women in the prayer rooms available.

There is no particular branch of Islam followed here, but Friday prayer times are welcome for all as there is a very strong community bond. There is also the idea of having access for non-Muslims in order to give an education into Islamic faith.

For further information please contact Helal Thmed - Taunton and Somerset Islamic Centre Chairman.

Your Local Mosque Police Liaison Officer is PCSO Katie Hambidge, for information call 07889 658994

Taunton Mosque
Ivor House
Tower Lane